About our camp

Here at camp, we are working year round to sculpt the most inviting, hype, and encouraging atmosphere for our campers. In just four days, students learn how to engage with the community as leaders. After camp, our wonderful campers can apply to return as a counselor or staff and join the camp family. Each of us strive for excellence and integrity  in all we do as a staff, but just as important to us is service, humility, desire to inspire, and energy! Our goal is to enable students to see themselves as a part of something bigger--the change they wish to see in the world. Norfolk has such a diverse, kind-hearted, ambitious and creative youth and our camp fosters those very characteristics. Each staff member takes something they're good at and extends that effort toward camp life, which allows all of the different aspects of camp to vibe together. Our camp is run by the students for the students, unlocking our city's potential. 

Core Values

Work with a sense of excellence.

Extend an effort toward excellence in our work, our image, and in the things we surround ourselves with. 

Act in the light of integrity.

Each member of our camp understands the value of making each decision with an honest, positive and good mindset.

Contribute your passion.

We all have something we love to do, something we're awesome at. The magic of camp relies on each member of our family extending their gifts to bettering camp.